What would you do if you met up with someone you met online and they weren't what you expected?

I'm meeting this guy off the Internet,I have done it before and yes I'm going to be careful.I've been told I look like my photos and look better in person,what if he doesn't think that and thinks I'm ugly it'll just be awkward then lol,coz it's meant to be like a date.Have you ever met up with someone off the Internet who wasn't what you expected?What did you do about it?I'm worried he won't even find me attractive or something but will feel like he has to stay lol,I guess if he turns around and says something came up,then I'll know..


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  • You'll be fine. Honestly, he'll just be relieved you're not a 40 year old trucker called Dave :)


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  • what I do if that happens is I tell these broads to get on cam, do a little cam chat, if she checks out then I go for it

    I like to stick to person to person dating though

  • just for sex


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  • lol so fnny you shoul say, I have the same problem, I'm going to meet him soon but he's really CUTE...am so scared Oooops! almost forgot, u're question! look u'r best as possible, I'm sure I't will work out!