First date horror stories?

We've all had those terrible first dates, so what better to do than laugh about it now? What was the worst first date you've ever been on? Did it work out with the person or did you run for the hills?



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  • I went out with a guy I met online. Things seemed to be going okay, when he all of a sudden he made an awkward change in the conversation and went into a long (I mean about 1/2 hour) one-sided conversation on a young daughter he had and a nasty custody battle. He told me how he met the mom, all sorts of details of their relationship and ended everything with telling me his lawyer advised him that since the mom was making it almost impossible to see his daughter (she lived in another state) he might as well save money and avoid child support by signing away his rights to his daughter.

    I should have found a way to leave in the middle of this but I sat there and listened. It was awful. I definitely did not need to know all that on a first date and I lost any respect there might have been for him as well.

    I had another date where the guy was intent on making sure I realized that sex was a super important part of a long term relationship. He did not come off creepy, just totally gross and clueless. At one point he discussed a locker room conversation with an older man who was telling him something about the secret to a great relationship (sex) and had to provide the visuals of this older guy with his goods hanging out, foot propped up on a bench, shooting the breeze and how he found it a bit nasty. I found him more than a bit nasty. People, lol.


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  • My first date was basically me and her sitting in my living room and watching TV, still I was very nervous cause I really like this girl. But well, my mom ruined it...she walked in the living room, cleaning up and bending over right in front of us several times in just a t-shirt and a THONG.

  • It was a dark night, as Peter Isaac Staker and his newfound girlfriend UnitedstatesofAmericaniqua , being South Londoners, decided to have a rather romantic dry hump fest in their uncles front room. Leaning forward slowly to lay a wet snog smelling of cheap lager on the biggest pus-popper on Peters face, UnitedstatesofAmericaniqua romantically reached for a sofa cushion, hugged it in a manner men from Bristol find attractive, then proceeded to romantically smother him to death :D

    ... Ah, see: When you said horror... Sorry :<

  • I got us lost on the way to dinner <.<


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  • (even though this question is very old, I'm still going to answer it)

    My friend had set me up with a guy that went to he school, I had never met him, but had talked to him on Facebook for weeks ..(I was young and naive okay? Aha)

    After a while, he asked if I wanted to go to see a movie with him... I agreed.

    At first it was really weird seeing him in person, gut slowly I got used to it.

    We bought our tickets to yogi bear (hahaha) and went into the cinema, about half way through the movie he grabbed my hand (which weirded me out a little, it was the first time meeting him!) ... And I began mentally freaking out. I hadn't had my first kiss, and I really didn't want to do it with this boy. Had only just met. So of course my hand began to sweat... And not just a little bit, it was a WHOLE LOT of sweat.

    I just sat there, frozen in my seat, just trying to think of some excuse to detatch my hand from his. I eventually pretended I had to check my phone, and after I put my phone away... I crossed my arms. - it was terribly awkward.

    After that, we never spoke again.

    and I was actually relieved, I found out soon after that this guy was actually a massive player, and at one point had received head from some other girl whilst at the cinema... Lovely. (that's probabaly why he wanted to see yogi bear, he had no intention of watching the movie)

    I'm so glad I never had to talk to him again.

  • My first worst date ever never happened. The guy cancelled on me 10 minutes after having fixed my hair makeup and everything lying about his mother being gravely ill and in the hospital when she was perfectly fine.