He's my best friend and him in love with him, it can't go on any longer...what can make these feelings stop

hes my best friend and I love him as a person, but I really don't know if the feelings are mutual, he always seems to put his ex fling before me and told me he thought my friend was hot and then added her on Facebook a few weeks later, this isn't one of those does he like me so please don't think it is, I'm tired of waiting around so my question is how can I get over him and please don't say go hook up with another guy because I'm not one of those girls...


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  • I was stuckin the same hole for a bit, and let me tell ya, it's really really hard. I fell for my best friend, and it took me a bit over a year to recover from it. The best way to get over him is to go out with some other guys. If you're not looking to hookup, don't go to a club to meet these guys. Figure out something that like doing and go to a place where people who share your interest will be.

    Like me for instance. I love tennis and I play tennis. I go to the tennis courts, meet tennis girls, and if I'm lucky, I'll connect with one of them and then we can hang out. If you decide later on that you don't like that person, you can cut it off early. This way though, it takes your mind off of him little by little. Eventually, you'll ebb away that feeling. There may be a little bit love that you haven't let go, but overall, the feeling should become bearable.

    Hope this helped!


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  • If you don't want to tell him, and close this door forever, you're going to have to avoid him. You need to free yourself from him, at least for a while. You need to be by yourself or hang out with other people and develop other friendships. He may realize what he is missing.

  • Just tell him, get your feelings off your chest, if he's truly your friend he will stick around. After that like most people said start looking for other guys and try not to think about him as much but still keep in contact.


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