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So I've been texting/chatting with this girl that I'm interested in for the last week. In her texts, she always seemed cheerful and casual, so generally just happy. Well today we hung out by going to a theme park, but this was with my 3 friends and one of her friends (It was her idea to have more people go to the park with us). After the park closed, we all went home and I texted her asking her if she got home safe, but she never responded for about an hour, so I texted her that I just wanted to let her know that I was sorry if it seemed like I was kind of ignoring her because I wanted to make sure my friends weren't having a bad time at the park. After this text, she responded and said that it didn't seem that way and she had fun, but she suddenly started using proper grammar and punctuation and just seemed cold in the following text conversations. I don't know if I'm just being paranoid or something, but did I do something wrong (she has class early tomorrow, but I don't know if that matters in this context)? If so, what's the best way to fix it?

Thanks a lot guys!


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  • You can't interpret tone of text messages. Sometimes, we're just busy, or the way we say it in our head doesn't translate exactly, so it leads to a lot of misinterprtation - which usually leads to disasters.

    When we get just short replies, of course we start wondering what went wrong...

    But you have to keep in mind that its not necessarily related to you. Sometimes we also have personal issues that makes us in a bad mood and it reflects everywhere else. We tend to take everything personal, but pleaseeee don't. If she still answers that's a pretty good sign.

    The moment she starts replying only with '' Maybe, OK, or lol '' , day after day after day...then you could start wondering. There could be a lot of possibilities and overthinking it will just kill everything cause then your gonna start asking her all the time if you did something wrong and stuff, it will become too big for what it really is (probably just too busy or in a general bad mood-not related to you)

    Just wait and see for the next few days.

    Good luck !


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  • youre over analzying...NEVER judge a tone through text...its a horrible way to interpret things...

    the only true way of knowing someones "tone" is when you are in person - this is why texting causes so much fighting - people assume, over analyze, don't catch sarcasm...stay away from it and call her next time

  • If you text her and she doesn't text you back right away, Do Not text her apologizing about anything. Do Not text her at all. Always wait until she texts you back. You seem needy if you send her multiple texts without her texting you back. Girls Do Not like needy guys. BIG turn off.

    Don't be so quick to assume you did something wrong. Always assume she's just busy and she'll text you when she can. She has a life, you know. Maybe she's talking on the phone. Maybe she's in the shower. Maybe she's watching a movie.

    Girls sometimes conduct "Tests" just to see how you react. I'd wait it out for 2 days minimum if a girl doesn't text right back. My next text - assuming she hasn't texted back - would be something that doesn't have to do with the last text I'd sent, and also Not apologizing for anything. You can't show her it bothers you a lot that she hasn't texted you back. UNLESS she does it All the time. Then it's just plain rude.

  • There's nothing to fix, you didn't do anything wrong. I think your looking into this to much. Just keep trying to hangout with her and get to know her more.

    But she may have found of you like her and she only sees you as a friend though so that might be why her tone changed but, I wouldn't worry to much. GL !

  • I'm not joking when I say that when they they start using proper grammar its done. That usually is followed by less and less responses to messages and/or longer duration of time b/tw responses. I'd just keep letting things play out and wait until she texts you to talk to her. Hope that helps