What should I say to my boyfriend to have him call me or text me?

I'm so lonely and so sad I need my boyfriend I Haven't heard from him in 4 days I know I didn't do anything wrong to him or said anything I hope he's not ignoring me what should I say or do to have him talk to me or visit me what should I say in a text someone please help I need advice


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  • lol alright lady, ill throw you a bone. just text him and ask him something like, "im going to see this movie/ out to eat with some people from (work, school, wherever) have you seen it (movie)or heard anything about it...if its a restaraunt or club or whatever, just ask him a quick question about it...how is the music, drinks, price, food anything? this will do a couple things. 1. it will show you don't NEED him to have a good time...never be too needy. 2. it shows him that you interest his opinion, because if he didn't like it you probably wont. 3. It shows him that since he hasn't talked to you for almost a week, not asking him to go with you is kind or punishing him...dont ask him to go unless he asks. and if he does, don't be like YES! YOU CAN COME! lol Don't rely on your boyfriend to make you happy. find something that makes you happy and then you will only increase your outlook on life with a guy. if your sad when your single or not with your boyfriend, guys/ppl are going to see it, and automatically think negatively about you because of your sub-concious vibe you are displaying. : )


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  • he doesn't want to talk to you, he doesn't want to be with you. He's using you for what you give him when it's convnient for him. I wouldn't say anything, I'd block him and move on to someone who actually has feelings for you.


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  • Go out and do something on your own or with a few of your other friends. Don't rely on your boyfriend to be your sole source of love, happiness, or companionship. That's a lot of responsibility for one person to bear. Be yourself and enjoy the time without him. If he calls, he calls; guys get a little intrigued about what you're doing when you're not with them, but if you're always calling and trying to get him to contact you, they know the score. Keep the game plan fresh.