What do I do when a guy doesn't text me back?

Okay so I recently started talking to this guy and I have known him for forever but we really just started talking a lot...We stayed up until like 1 am one morning texting and he sent me like 5 texts the next day..The last one where he asked me how my day was..I answered back but I have not heard from him since and that was 4 days ago! I have sent him some texts but he hasn't replied to any of them..I asked him about it to his face one day and he just kind of chuckled at me...and he is a really nice guy so I know he wasn't being a jerk about it...but what do I do? I really like talking to him...


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  • Don't text him... either he will miss you and start texting you again or you will realize he's not that interested in you.


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  • What do I do when a guy doesn't text me back? Call him and ask him if he's interested in you

    Though he doesn't seem to be a really nice guy since when you asked about it he just laugh. Most likely he's just playing a mind game to manipulate you into being confused about his interest so you'll pursue him and so that he doesn't look needy and clingy by responding to your texts.