I really care for this girl but what do I do?

ok well I really care about this girl but I don't know what to do. one of her statuses say that she is ready to settle down. I've been hanging out with her like every day. But I Haven't taken her out to dinner or a movie (date). what should I do as my neext step. I could ask her to be my girlfriend. I could ask her out on a date. I could continue to hang out with her everyday. what should I do as my next step?


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  • Sorry I'm using my phone so it won't let me comment.. But I think hearts and smiley faces mean alot! (unless youguys are really really close friends and she sends those things to everyone else). I don't send hearts to anyone unless I have interest in him. You should go for it and tell her your feelings!

    • alright I wouldn't know what to say really


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  • I guess 2 months is a long time since youguys have been hanging out like everyday, unless there are other guys that she hangs out with a lot besides you. But if she uses her time to hang out with you then I guarantee she must like you. But you can just be more flirty towards her and show her you care for her. Ask her to a romantic dinner and just be real sweet. =)

  • Dont ask her to the movies because you won't even get to spend time with her. I think its just gonna be 3 hours of waste just sitting there staring at a huge screen. Take her out to a romantic dinner and just show her how much you care for her and get to the point. Tell her how you feel about her and she may like you too if you say you spend mostly everyday with her. Good luck. =)

    • yea and she sends me hearts and everything to on Facebook does that mean anything

  • Hmm..yeah I understand its hard to tell someone you like them.. Sorry if its annoying that I keep posting..my dang phone won't let me comment! But how long have you two known each other?

    • like two months anyways

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