To call a girl's house phone...For all you guys out there.....

Guys, is it a big deal to you to call a girl's house phone if you wanna talk to her, or even ask her out, if she didn't have a cell phone, or had limited minutes/couldn't text? That is how people used to do it, back in the pre-cell phone days, but would you still do that now? Just wondering...


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  • Yeah I'd do it. You could also try using google voice to talk and text him, you can speak through gmail chat if you have a mic on your computer. And all texting through there is free. I think I'ts only available in the US though I don't know where you're at.

    • i am in the US so that will work for me, thanks!

    • oh OK, it's completely free and they give you a number too so enjoy!


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  • it's a big deal for those that are self conscience about their voice/shy about themselves. I used to be scared of calling, now I don't have a second thought. Guys might call girls to arrange plans but hardly ever to have a long emotional conversation with you about anything.

  • not remotely, I'm pretty ghetto myself.


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