Online dating, how to keep him interested & get to a date?

I've recently joined an online dating site, having no experience in relationships. For the past few weeks I've been messaging a guy who contacted me on my profile.

I'm torn here, part of me is dying to meet up with him, but he's not asking and I don't want to push it either then. The other part of me is terrified at the thought of meeting up and him not liking what he sees in reality.

I am actually SO crap at all this it's unreal !


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  • I met my boyfriend of 3 years online and my sister met her husband of almost 10 years online. We flirted a little back and forth until he asked me out for drinks. Drinks are always good because you can make it as short or long of a date as you wish. Our date lasted over 4 hours that night! I say flirt a little and give him a little time to work up the nerve. Then maybe ask him, heck the worst that could happen is a No.


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  • send pics

  • flirt