He texted me for the very first time?

Yeah I twisted the "rules" and texted this guy first. The first time, I was asking him a question since he used to be my coach, and that conversation lasted for weeks (there were breaks in between). We flirted a lot. I recently texted him after months passed but it lasted for two days. Later that day, the power went out for my county and he finally texted me for the very first time, and of course we flirted. He asked me out and called me cute, etc. But did he text me only because he was bored, or did he really wanted to talk? He's really flirty and I know he's interested. He always has a big smile on his face whenever we make eye contact, but sometimes he ignores me--- basically plays hot and cold. Soo?


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  • what are the goddamn rules? there aren't any! xD.

    anyway... what do you want us to say. its kind of obvious, he likes you... hot and cold happens. no one can be hot and flirty ALL the time xD


What Girls Said 1

  • You can't expect a guy to be smiling and lovey dovey every time you see him, that's not realistic. I think that he really does like you. No one takes the time to ask a girl out on a date just because they're bored. Dates cost money as well as time and effort, that's not something that people throw away for random people they aren't interested in.