Freshman guy dating senior girl...?

I'm a freshman guy in high school and I'm 14. So just to clear a few things up, I hang out with a lot of seniors and they seem to like me, so I'm pretty mature for my age. After water polo practice they even let me use the varsity showers and varsity locker rooms even though I'm on JV and a freshman. They also call me their favorite freshman. So anyways, about a week ago I was in the library for this thing for my class, and a senior who I know was in there too with his class, and there was this attractive girl that I saw with his class, and I just couldn't take my eyes off of her. This past week after my last period as I was getting ready to go home, I spotted her again, and even walked right next to her, and wanted to say something but I got nervous. But I really want to get to know her better and next time I see her I have to talk to her. But do you think if we got to know each other, a relationship could work? I'm not 100% positive she is a senior because that could have been an elective class I saw her in, but I'm pretty sure she is. And how could I approach her and keep a conversation going? Thanks :)


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  • You can just go up to her and start a conversation like you would with anyone else. I think once you start talking to her, the conversation will begin to go smoothly and everything will come easier. Good luck, sir :)

  • I highly doubt that she will pursue something serious with you. Mentally, you are very far from where she is. You two are in different stages of life.


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