How to get him to kiss you?

he will flirt and put his arm around me and call me babe so what can I do to make it a little more srious and get him to kiss me? how do I let him know I want him to...


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  • Just kiss him. Be a woman. ;)

    • were not dateing though and I don't wanna be slutty that's why I want him to kiss me. any girls tricks?

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    • thank's, I'll do it tommarow and let you know how it goes... wish me luck :)


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  • Just kiss him. He could be nervous. If he is not receptive, or freaks out when you kiss him, you probably should't be dating him in the first place.

    • where not dateing. he hasn't asked me out but he acys like we do ha ha it weird. so do you know how to get him to kiss me?

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    • so just get him alone and say I like you, word from word? and what do I say to lead me up to sayying that?

    • Not you like him. Just say that you want to be more than friends, and would like a relationship. And then just go from there.

  • you kiss him, woman up


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