When should I expect a call..

i like a friend of mine and tried to ask her if she wants to hang out just me and her and said that she's gonna kick my ass even though she was ok with us hanging out in a group. I couldn't set the group thing yet and now I haven't talked to the girl in 2 days and I used to call her like everyday and talk.If she is interested would she call me or text me in the net couple of days? should I always call or should I wait and see if she calls and asks about me to see if she is interested?


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  • she should as least text you.

    i would wait for her call


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  • Rule of thumb. 2:1 if you call twice, she should call once. sometimes that isn't accurate. but itsa good place to start. She hasn't called in two days after you asked to hang out? Newsflash dude. mind games. all the way. She's waiting to see how long you will go before you call her. Feel free to call her. depending on how you want her to react. if you want her to chase you. don't call. period. (baring the 2 week mark.) if you want to try and chase a girl who may be scared off. call her in the next 24 hrs.