I like this girl, so should I tell her? Or should I give it time?

A couple months ago I really hit it off with this girl that I met at a party. That night she gave me her number and we have literally texted everyday since. She has given a lot of clues that she likes me. She playfully flirts all the time, gives me a hard time but when she does she almost always immediately says you know I love you. She has given me nicknames. If I don’t text her for a couple days she will ask me where I’ve been and ask why we haven’t talked in a while. We went to a date party together and our of curiosity I looked at the new feature on Facebook to look at the fill conversation you’ve had with someone and in the past 2 month we have exchanged over 2,000 messages on Facebook alone, most of the conversations being initiated by her. These are only some of the stuff that has happened between us, but you get the picture. However she has a boyfriend and that’s where I’m not sure what to do.

I really want to tell her that I like her so that I can be sure if she feels the same way. I have flirted and said stuff like you know I like you and stuff but I’ve never truly said that I like her. I am not sure what kind of relationship she has with her boyfriend, all I know is that he doesn’t go to the same school we do. I feel like if I tell her that I like her that she may cheat on her boyfriend (which I don’t want). I am also afraid that if I tell her that she may avoid me to avoid anything awkward if she doesn’t feel the same way. I want to avoid the friend zone if I can but remain friends if she doesn’t feel the same way. I think that telling her now may put her in a bad situation considering she has a boyfriend, but it may clear things up. So should I tell her now? Or wait to see if she breaks up with her boyfriend?


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  • tell her now, unless she talks a lot and her boyfriend is super buff. it may cause sum stress on her behalf, but itl speed up the process. don't push to hard thou. shel probably get annoyed and stop talking to you if udo. just tell her and leave it. let her do what she likes with the info.


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  • Tell her man just live and learn