Would you date black deaf guy?

Did it bother you if I'm deaf? because I was curious to date hearing girls because I used to refuse date hearing girls when I was young but right now I don't care if they are hearing or deaf as long chemistry then why not go for it? but most hearing girls seem don't interested in deaf guys? can hearing girls and deaf guys work it out? Would you date me? maybe I'm not enough attractive or what?


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  • Your best chance is to date a girl who knows ASL. Whether she is deaf of not. Most deaf people end up in long-term relationships with other deaf (or HoH) people though. Just as most people marry someone who speaks the same language or are of the same ethnicity, or social class. But of course, we are not limited to being with someone just in our social group.

    There are still some misconceptions about deaf people, but as people are learning more (thanks to an increase in deaf actors and other famous people---thanks to the media), they are understanding and accepting more. A lot of hearing people are learning ASL these days. I think the stereotypes being debunked is helping deafs and hearing people connect more. So even if not now, in the soon future your chances will look a little brighter.

    • Yea I know I have best chance with deaf girls but I just want to see if hearing girls up for dating deaf guys I wouldn't rush into it. I really wish people look at me as human being not second class people you know what I mean? I'm more than just deaf guy I mean it just happen to me I lost my hearing but it doesn't mean I'm freak or less human or retard you know? I'm very intelligence person. I'm so glad these days hearing people learning about our deaf culture.


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  • i would. who cares if your def or not? as long as I can communicate and there is chemistry.

    • Excatly! that what I'm saying. I'm glad you don't mind dating deaf guy because most people won't date deaf people for reason

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    • omoj! (oh my orange juice) how the fluffyness do you find time 4 yourself? :O

    • Lol that new to me that cool short name well I find to get time is less party more work lol

  • Yeah she would need to know ASL and that really all but I try dating hearing dude (I'm deaf) that did not know signs it was bad

  • Communication would suck so no.

    • Yea I know how you feel but if you really like deaf guy then you don't mind communication suck as long you into deaf guy?

    • No, communication is key to any relationship. I couldn't do it.

    • why not use write note or would you let deaf guy teach you how to sign langauge? you can teach him how to speak it will be fun I hope it change your mind

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  • I wouldn't, cause I'm a guy, but I would date a black deaf woman for whatever that is worth. Just hang in there man, if you can show that you are able to overcome your difficulties, that will be very attractive to most women.

  • Some will, some wont. Don't worry about the ones who wont. Not worth your time.