I want to impress my date. What do you suggest?

I want to impress my date. I am not looking to sexually excite him - well, maybe just a little... but I want him to see me as a lady. Guys can open doors, pay bills, cover puddles, shield us from danger and carry on other chivalrous qualities. But what can a girl offer besides her sexuality? Or is maybe my question, is that all a guy needs to fall in love? For the guys, what things did a girl do on your date that made you think she was a "keeper" or made her really stand out as being special?


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  • Just be yourself, and if you really like the guy, show him. I'm not just talking about sex; the important thing is to let the guy know he is special to you. And if you fall in love, make sure he knows it! These things form an intimate bond between you, and that is worth more than anything in a relationship!


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  • The most important thing for you to remember is that you have already caught his interest because he has asked you out for a date. The next important thing for you to remember is that you NEED to be yourself. don't try and change anything thing about yourself to try and impress him. Be confidant, but not cocky.


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  • I just wanted to say you've already impressed him if he's asked you out on a date ;) I think guys appreciate when you're genuine and sincere... Just relax and be yourself!