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Would you be worried if your boyfriend hangs out with his ex fling alone?

I was hooking up with this guy in the summer and now he has a girlfriend. I stopped texting him after I found out he has a girlfriend. But now were... Show More

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  • I would do this if I had a GF. Just because I trust myself to stay loyal to my Girlfriend so she needn't worry about me being unfaithful to her.

    • Even if we were hooking up before

      and I was your first choice to be your gf?

    • I could resist but it would be disappointing that I had to settle for another girl since you weren't available for whatever reason(s).

  • well it sounds like he wants you as a back-up incase he fails the relationship with the girl, if I were you I would tell the girl.

    • I don't wanna start drama!

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