Dating a older guy, family found out we have been having sex, advice?

i'm dating a guy two years older then me. my family just found out and think I have been having s*x with him when I'm not.

why are they thinking that?


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  • maybe they just think that since your dating an older guy he will be into s*x, if he's not into it then your family will need to get to know him better

    • most of my family know him not that well tho and I don't know if he is or not

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    • if he is into having it then just be OK with it and if you are not ready for it then tell him that you are not ready for a sexual relationship just yet, hopefully he will understand

    • ok thanks


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  • Probably bcause he's older, and if you didn't introduce him to them, they might feel is not something deeper but physical.

    Most probably the age difference.

    • they have meet him, he comes round every time :), and its onli 2 years

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    • i will try that, thanks

    • Only 2 years? That really doesn't make him an older guy. You just aren't the same age

  • The guy I'm dating is 2 years older than me too, and my parents think the same thing. Even though we are now, it's been 2 years and they though it a long time ago.

    • did they believe that you weren't having s*x

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    • Sorry, I'm not sure what to tell you... My boyfriend seriously just walked up to my dad and said he's not going to have s*x with me because I could get hurt and he would never hurt me.

    • ok then, thanks for your help anyway