Have you ever been on a dating site?

I signed up because my friend said to make one and it will boost your confidence with all the guys who respond to you. Well it worked but now I want to actually talk to them but I am not sure. Are those dating sites legit? have you ever met someone sincere on one? I want to respond to a few of theses guys but I am scared to get hurt. ugh I have just never tried dating site before.

Okay this is weird a guy messaged me: You seem like a nice lady

...? how would I answer that? I am are you a nice guy?


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  • ive been on a dating site before! I went on a few dates, but never found any nice girls (all were pretty stuck up)! in your case you will probably find more a$$holes then nice guys. when I went on first dates I would buy lunch/dinner/coffee. I would treat each girl like royalty! but if your patient you will find a nice guy on a dating site

    • So if a you messaged a girl:Hey what's up, I'm [NAME]. I go to [COLLEGE]. What would a decent response be? The cliche: Hi I'm [MY NAME]... Okay cliche but that is where I am lost :( I get so nervous because I have never done this before. Sorry I am a girl and I over-think EVERYTHING : /

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    • I hope I'm not annoying you :) Another guy messaged me and we seem to have a lot in common after messaging for a few days. He said this: Hey if you what we can trade numbers. It would

      be lot easier to talk.?

      Should I say yeah we can trade numbers, what's yours? or just give him mine or should we trade numbers? I am slightly scared to give my number out because I have never done this before but I don't want to scare him away. : /

    • ask for his, call him useing google! its safer for you, when you get to know him better, then give him your real number.


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  • No, but I'm tempted just for the hell of it :D I have zero expectations from dating sites hahaha

  • say "thank you" if you see his picture and he's cute add "how are you?"


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  • some are, some aren't. you just gotta weed out the flakes and from all the stories, there are a ton of them