If I haven't started dating yet, will I be clueless in the future?

I have never actually been asked out by anyone before or gone on a date even. I have never been more than friends with a guy. Most people my age have already started dating. I have been told before that I am too old not to have even kissed yet. I'm worried that this will effect me in the future, I don't even know what people do when they date. I'm not even sure exactly what girlfriend even does.


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  • I understand what you're feeling, trust me, just realize that if you try to rush things, it'll end up being a bad experience. Let things happen naturally, don't pay attention to those around you. Live your life happy with yourself, and one day before you know it'll happen!

  • Don't sweat it. Some people approach the dating scene differently than others. Better to know what you're getting into than to leap before you look and end up hurt by some scumbag. Don't let someone else's idea of where you should be determine what you do, they are probably a bunch of dumb whores or guys that want to get into your pants.


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