Why hasn't he called?

I went on a date with a guy last Friday night and everything went well. Got a kiss, he said "we should do it again", and texted me the next day some cute things. I haven't heard from him since that Saturday text though...I texted him Sunday and he was very short in his answers and that was it. What is the deal? Why would all of a sudden he just stop talking?


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  • Same thing happened to me! I went out with a guy,I kissed him,he contacted me on the dating site where we met and said he had a good time. We texted some the next day,then that was it. I sent him a text asking if he was stil interested and if he wasn't-thats OK. Still nothing. But like I said,im OK with it:)

    Good luck!

    • u never ended up hearing back? I'm thinking maybe an ex came back into his life? mine said he had a crazy ex who would cut herself in front of him! they only broke up like a month beforee


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  • He could just be busy with work, school (if he is still a grad student), etc. Give it another try, *then* you will know if he blew you off or not.

  • He might just be busy. Six days isn't a terribly long time; if it goes past 10-12 days and he hasn't communicated with you, he's probably not interested.

    • what would have changed his mind if he was texting me the day after? just don't get it.

    • He doesn't necessarily have to change his mind. It's much easier to send a text than it is to call a girl up and ask her out. Regardless of the content, texting tells you hardly anything about a person's interest in you.

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  • Here is the deal...

    It is possible he's having a crazy/bad/busy week or a host of other things and you just aren't the priority right now. Maybe his ex has come back into the pic unexcpetdely. You really can't know for sure. My advice is to wait it out a bit, like a week, if you don't hear anything by then I'd start to move on.

    It will pass.