What does it mean when a guy kisses you on the cheek (or attempts too)?

Ok so I was in class today and my crush and I were talking and then we stopped. After he's like come here and so I went towards him, so I'm waiting while he was talking to some one. So I know he wants to hug me (yes, we hug) but then I noticed his face turned toward my face and I felt him kiss my cheek. I backed off playfully and called him a loser as a joke (it was the first thing that came to my head -_-) and then he called me a prude as a joke. It felt like such a blur afterwards.


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  • if he's European it might as well be a handshake...just saying I give kisses on the cheek to girls I only see as friends...did get in trouble once, girl thought I was interested when I was not.


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  • He likes you allot, so just ask him if he wants to grab lunch or something.

    • is there a way that I can hint him in asking because I get ridiculously shy in those types of situations

    • yea just say that your hungry and you want to know what he thinks you should get for lunch and if he says a restaurant, than ask him where it is or if he will take you.

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  • awwww that's cute he probly likes you but don't call him loser >:( because that will make him not wana do it again! just tell him you like him already.

    • it was a bad move to do that, I was stupid! because this sort of thing never happens to me! but the only problem is he's on of those flirty/outgoing type of guys so its hard to tell if he likes me or if he's just playing games

    • dont stress I've definitely done that kind of thing :) if he's a flirt than that's really annoying and watch out :) goodluck