She hasn't called..should I consider it that she is not interested?

me and my good friend haven't talked in a week. I kind of like her and always show her that I care so I guess that she knows I like her. We always used to talk on the phone or text. Since we have a winter break, I talked to her the 1st week and the last time we talked was last saturday. I'm trying to see if she will text or call to check up on me or something so that I know for sure that she cares and she is interested since I'm not too sure if she is. Its been a week, should I consider it that she is not interested?


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  • This is tough for me because I've always waited for guys I like to talk to me before I talk to them. Even my ex when we were together. It's possible she's weird like me for that haha. But otherwise it could be a sign she's not as 'invested' in this relationship as you are. Maybe she's waiting for you to contact her. The best way to find out if she cares as much as you is to ask her or find out through other means. The waiting game is not a good game to play, believe me. I think if she talks to you for a long time and it doesn't seem like she's itching to get off the phone, then she's definitely enjoys talking to you which is a good thing.

  • Call her and find out what's going on. It may or may not have anything to do with you.


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