Why won't he text me back?

I've only been talking to this guy for a little while. Last night we were gonna hangout before doing our own thing but stuff came up. Then while I was at a movie with some friends, he text me saying that he'd be willing to stay in and chill with me instead of going out. I text him back after the movie saying yes to that. I never got a reply so I figured he fell asleep (he was going on 4 hrs of sleep which is why he didn't really feel like going out) Then today we were suppose to hangout at some point but I never heard from him. I finally text him a little over an hour ago but still Haven't gotten anything back. I know he doesn't always have service, but all day? Any ideas on why he isn't texting me back?


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  • Wait a little while longer, some guys have such a bad habit of replying hours or even days later! See what he says and if it sounds like a cheap excuse or like he's just playing, kick him to the curb.

    • this is the first time he's done this so I'm trying to just be patient. but its hard! lol

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    • yeah apparently he hasn't had service most of the weekend. and seeing as how we are kinda in the middle of nowhere iowa I kinda believe him.

    • O good to hear :)


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  • just relax I know it sucks to wait believe me I'm going through it right now, but just be patient and I'm sure he will get back to you


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  • that happened to me yesterday I was suppose to go out on my 4th date but he never called or text I waited till around 7 pm and I text him to see if we were going out or not I didn't hear back from him till 1030pm his text said that he was still working and ha dleft his cell in his truck. so just wait ... and don't text again since you already text him. let us know what happened :)