Which girl should I go for?!

Alright guys, here it is. I'm 17 year old guy that's in high school. I'm a Junior so I have 1 more year left after this. Well, I haven't been the greatest looking guy throughout my years at school. So I haven't had very many girlfriends. But recently girls have been starting to notice me. I've changed a lot recently too; as in I've been being really really responsible and not doing anything wrong. My life has been very boring the past year. I haven't been leaving the house bearly at all. Its getting old.

So now there's this girl (#1)that I've liked since like the 2nd grade and she's starting to notice me and I'm really likin it. But she's changed over the years too. She's kindof considerd 'slutty'. But man, she is really really really attractive. Between the rest of the guys, its considerd pretty hard to hook up with her. But I'm feeling like I have a chance now.

Now there is this other girl (#2)that is pretty good looking that likes me and she's completely 'not slutty'. She's an innocent girl that goes to church every sunday and what not. So since I'm being all responsible and stuff, it seems like she (#2) would be perfect for me.

We'll the problem is- 'Am I just growing up too fast?' Should I be having fun checking out the other girls (#1) instead of getting into a serious relationship with (#2)? I can't make up my mind! The right thing would probably be go with (#2). But there's a part of me that wants to see (#1) very badly and explore. Please help me. Any answers would be very apprieciated. Thank you!


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  • i feel fer ya but I don't know wata say lol...usual tha good girl is deffinately the best choice because you can trust her and you kno she's a "good person"...tha other girl is a slut anyways so I don't see where you get the phrase "hard to get with" ...no offense...but who knos, if you stick with the gud girl then you cud hav a reli good emotional relationship wid her and plus she cud end up bein one of those freaky quiet girls ;) she's probably extremely curious about sex since she's still a virgin most likely...u cud b her 1st..nd thtd b fun lol and you would b safe knowin tht she's not sum nasty whore whos had multiple d***s in her :D...but pleaz don't hurt her..ya kno what imean, don't use her..she sounds like a nice girl, you don't wana ruin her nd turn her into a men hating bitch ...


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  • Goodness gracious, boy! You are trying to decide between a slut and a good girl? How is that hard? haha.

    Which one can you be yourself around? Which one do you smile about when you think of her face? Which one would you be proud to call "yours"? As cliche as this sounds, what does your heart tell you is right?

    If I were you, and it was too hard to decide, I would wait until I got to know each girl a little more. Find out more about them. Wait it out a little longer. Maybe even test them a little bit. Patience is a virtue. =D

  • There's nothing wrong with being in a serious relationship. Do you wanna be a player or something? Cause that's what it sounds like! lol

    Go for number one first and if it doesn't work out then go for number 2 since she's most likely to be available.

    But do what you want most, not what you think you SHOULD do. High school doesn't last forever. Take risks and pick your cards.


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  • Well picture being married to them looking into her eyes could you look at a girl you know to be a slut and really belive she the one and she wll always be faithfull ,put it this way unless the slut grows up its like chosing between sex and a relationship I know which one I would choose? choose with your heart not your sex drive!

  • In my opinion. Go with 2.

    Yeah number 1 has sex appeal and shit like that. But she's probably a lot faster moving in relationships than you would be comfortable with. And then things would get awkward and then end.

    Number 2 shows she has good morales and a strong foundation.

    And as has been said. Picture standing next to them at a wedding. Not saying you have to think about marrying them. But does the image look good?