A guy I fancy is texting me a lot but I don't see him anymore?

So there's this guy I'm into, and when we see each other he has to get a bit looser to talk to me, so the first 10mins or something we don't talk, then I start talking and after a while he'll talk too and act normal again. Then he's sweet, flirty and funny. In his texts too, he texts me quite often lately, but it bothers me that I haven't seen him in a while. But if he would fancy me, it would bother him too that he's not seeing me in person, or do guys not think about it that way?


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  • He probably really likes you!

    • Ok, if you're not sarcastic, how so? ^^

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    • Well, then you'll never know. Some guys are shy about asking a girl out.

    • Hm, OK, I asked him two weeks ago but he couldn't make it. I'll text him on Friday, but it gives me the impression he's not bothered..

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