Three day rule about texting?

OK so I met this really hot guy at a party and we really hit it off. We talked a lot, flirted a lot, and I ended up going back to his place and we made out. I told him before that I wasn't "that type of girl" so he knew I wasn't into anything but kissing.

He walked me back my dorm room (farther than I thought he would/had to) and after we kissed a little and he asked for my number. He's in a frat, I'm in a sorority. its been two days and he hasn't texted and I'm DYING. Do guys follow the three day rule a lot or is he just not interested? He seemed really interested when he left! ha ha :( Also, I'm a freshman and he's a sophomore if that helps.

I honestly don't care about having a relationship with him, but he's really hot. And I wouldn't mind doing that again...haha


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  • Well considering the way you guys met I would assume he asked in case he wants to do the whole make out thing again. Whether or not he does do the whole 3 day rule thing or not it doesn't matter he could be looking for other girls who do more than what you two did if he doesn't find anyone else then he'll most likely call you that's why he asked for your number. It may sound cruel but I'm just trying to be straight up with you, you could just end up being the fall back if he doesn't find another girl who gives him more.

    Again I'm just saying these things from a guys point of view especially the way you guys met.


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  • why are you girls so against the 3-day rule so much?

  • Either he does follow the three day rule or since he knows your not "that type of girl" he's probably not gonna put anymore effort if it's not gonna lead to sex.

    • but then what's the point of asking for my number if he doesn't want to put in more effort? :( do guys just do that just because?

    • Oops sorry the other anon is supposed to be my reply

    • haha k no prob thanks for being honest :)

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  • you never know with guys...just wait it out and if he doesn't text you after a week, he probably isn't interested. did you get his number too? maybe you can just text him and ask him to hook up again hahaha