Caught boyfriend using Adult Friend Finder ... help :(

This is a follow up to a previous question but I caught my boyfriend registering a profile on the sex site Adult Friend Finder. As far as I can tell, he didn't pay for the membership but he did create a profile and put in his info and preferences plus some pics etc.

I just have a couple of questions - if you don't pay for the membership, is he still able to see other member's naked pictures and email other users on that site? Also, I understand that there is an instant chat function sort of like MSN - is he able to use that also?

:) yes I understand but still I would like to know if anyone has any knowledge about this particular site. thank you!
I want to be able to clearly confront him with all the evidence so that he can't just say 'oh I was just browsing - I never contacted anyone.' Since he is a free member, I understand that he can only access some of the chat lobbies. Is there some way to access his chat history? or is that only stored on his computer?


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  • It will only be on his computer.and that is if the chat history is saved, which it probably won' t be. ..but regardless hun, the fact that he is even on a site like that, speaks a thousand words. I know you love him, but you need to get a grip, unless you are willing to stay with him if he only saw "profile pics". Then have at it, you are a better girl than I. Wish you all the luck.

    • ty for your help :) I know it seems silly to stay and most ppl's advice is always LEAVE HIM! but in reality it is much harder to just walk away from someone you love and have been with for so long. I was hoping that the chat history would be stored on his AFF profile like how emails he receives are stored there but I guess unfortunately not :(


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  • It might be just idle curiousity, but whether he saw any naked pictures is beside the point- it is not a good sign if he is getting what he needs from you

  • The only thing you should be worried about is how he feels about you and his relationship with you. But as far as actually meeting women for flings, you can pretty much guarantee it doesn't happen. The website is ~81% male including the fake female profiles. And lots of the profiles are Nigerian scammers who want to want to manipulate you into giving them your bank account number. Free members have no benefits there. I once tried that website when I was a desperate little virgin with no self respect about 7 years ago.

    • oh I thought that even free members are able to access some of the basic chat rooms. I know he can't send emails and such and yeah I figured most of the profiles there are fakes (even though he actually put up his real pics :(() but I just wanted to know if he took it any further than putting up pics for people to look at and actually went to those chat rooms.

    • I suppose I shouldn't exactly say they have no benefits as I haven't been there in many years. So a lot might have changed. It's tough to say. Good luck an I hope it works out between the two of you.

  • Why do girls like you have to ask such silly question about guys like that. Just end the relationship asap. I don't know why it takes long for you girls to understand that yet when it comes to good and nice guys, you girls break up with them so quickly.


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  • For one thing, I don't think that you even need to ask those questions, because your relationship is pretty much over. Do you want a man who does those sort of things? If my man did that, he would have been kicked to the curb right then and there. Men who do those sort of things are not satisfied and probably never will be, that is like trying to tame a lion. Don't put up with that girl.

  • Sorry hun I don't, but you usually have to pay to see anything on those type of sites. You can usually just see a profile pic with limited info as a basic free member. Hope that helps. Try getting on there yourself and see what you can find.Actually if you want to be even more sneaky, get a membership and pose as someone else , try to interact with him to catch him in the act. That will give you everything you need to know right there. But that is drastic, not sure if you are willing to do that. Drastic times call for drastic measures. But I think you already know he's up to no good.

  • I don't know anything about this site, so sorry :(

    I think you should confrontate him!