Why hasn't he called?

I really liked him, and I think he used to like me too. I deleted him as a friend on Facebook, after I thought he made it clear that he wasn't interested. It wasn't until later that I realized I maybe over reacted- but at the time I was hurt that he would simply ignore me. I didn't want to lose him as a friend, so I made the first move and texted him first, to get contact going again, and he replied and I thought things were fine. But after that, nothing... he hasn't even tried to call or text me. I feel like I've officially lost him, because he hasn't even tried to get in touch with me. Its been about 4 weeks now. Is he just not that interested? I feel so hurt, like I lost a great guy.


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  • Damage is done & he lost interest. I've been in similar situations. You reached out, he didn't want to take it further when the op was there so he couldn't have made things more clearer other then come right out & say he's not into you anymore. Move on, it's just not happening.

    • If I could set you as best answer, I would :)


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  • the best advice I can give is to forget him, he obviously didn't care for you. I know that's hard to hear but I have dealt with guys that are on the exact same program and they are just players and are not worth our sweet time :)

  • You girls gotta stop deleting guys off of that silly social site, but as for why he isn't texting you. You deleting him off Facebook didn't hurt his ego or his feelings, he's just not that into you. Give up and move on to a guy who IS interested in you.

  • i feel like my situation is identical to yours except mine was a long time ago, I deleted him too simply because I didn't want any sort of contact with him anymore...it did bruise his ego because he was pissed at me. but I had to do what I had to do because he rejected my date offer. I don't know why he was mad and gave me mean looks, I was the one rejected remember?!

    anyways if he really cared he had my number email everything he couldve contacted me to work thngs out, but the fact he didnt, and the fact that your guy isnt, it means theyre not that serious about us and are fine without us. were not that special to them and its best to get away now before the games get worse and pain makes you drown.

    • Thats exactly how I felt! good to know I'm not the only person in the world to go through it.

      It seems so much clear and makes so much more sense just seeing it written out like that, thanks so much your response really helped (a lot)

  • Maybe you hurt his ego and feelings by deleting him on Facebook. some people give up after that. I understand that you tried to reconcile, but perhaps the damage was done.

    • Is there any way of fixing it?

    • well hun you tried to fix it by calling. the only other thing I could tell you is to try to call him one more time, keep ther convo light and don't bring up the problem men don't like to harp on things like that. ccall him and say, hey how are you? Id love to talk to you. soound really happy and light hearted.