Am I becoming a nagging girlfriend?

My boyfriend has been working like crazy do to some important projects at work and consequently I've been stood up more than my share of times, I understand that he becomes so involved that he may forget to call to tell me. Should I be more understanding, am I becoming too nagging if I get a teensy bit upset that once more I have to put his plate away?


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  • Well you're not entirely out of line here. If you have to put away his crap all the time, then I can understand why you're annoyed. You have every right to be. Though if he does put in some effort, and he really doesn't have time for it, then maybe you should be a little forgiving. Still I think maybe you can just sorta talk to him again, maybe try and just talk it out. I think in that case the difference between a talk and a nag would be tone and contexts.

    As for being stood up, I think after a certain point you can totally call him on it. Seriously, if he's working late and standing you up for a date, you have every right to be mad that he didn't call. I mean seriously, unless he's an air traffic controller or something, something that means he needs to be on something non stop and RIGHT FUCKING NOW or someone could DIE, then he should be able to spare the 30-60 seconds it would take to call in and say "Honey, I'm sorry I can't make it, please forgive me".

    All in all I think you need to sit him down and have a serious talk with him. This sounds like it needs to be addressed and now. All of it. It may suck at first, but things might turn around. If they don't you know where to find me.

    Good luck with this one.


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  • A good partner would make it EASIER for him to advance at work, not pull him in two different directions. Hopefully your guy will find someone who knows how to be a good partner.

  • if you are worried about it - then yes - you are.


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  • I was going through this a few months ago with my boyfriend but I stood by him and was very supportive with his work. That meant I got stood up mutliple times, he would be so tired and forget to text me, he would forget we would be hanging out some days. Now though after all of it he makes the schedule, I got brownie points for being supportive and helping his state of mind while he's making his way up at work. Some things you just have to let slide for your sanity and his. If you can don't sweat the small stuff and try to be there for him. It will make your relationship go a lot smoother.