Dating sites? sites like GAG? useless?

It seems to me that this site as well as all the dating sites are useless and do nothing except make people fell worse about themselves or their situation. If you take this site for example, you see the same thing over and over (both sexes don't understand each other, and they never will). With the dating sites, well I think we can all agree those things are geared toward women and if your a guy your SOL. I realize now just how much it sucks to be an American male these days and frankly I've given up and said f*** it. Trying to find a girl only makes me fell like sh*t. Does anyone else feel like this?


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  • They don't understand, but that's why they ask these questions, to make sense of it all. If you focus on dating sites or advice sites for all the input, you won't get very far. From what I've noticed, people friend others who are confident in who they are and true to themselves. That's not to say that most people aren't realistic, but enriching yourself either through hobbies or other interests makes you more appealing to the opposite gender. For example, I met a guy who I have been friends with for quite some time and we even were considering something more. When we went on a date though, he said that he only likes to think about one thing at a time and do that for an extended period of time. Like he will only do work for a week or so, then only think about working out, etc. It's strange because if I'm not thinking about school, work and activities all in one, I tend to get behind on one of those categories. In your case, if you only go on these sites to find someone, then the wait might seem long and hopeless, but if you find other more enjoyable things to do in the meantime, maybe you will find someone faster who shares your interests.

    • In all honesty I find myself looking at the girls on dating sites and in real life , and there too attractive for me.

    • Sometimes people are born attractive, other times they try really hard to look attractive. In the end however, none of that matters, because if you two connect, they will always find something to love about you and you will soon forget about their overall appearance and focus on how beautiful of a person they are.


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  • I don't feel like this.


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  • It's a matter of perspective. You're coming in with a negative attitude, so you see and take note of only those things which re-enforce your attitude.

    I know plenty of people who have been helped by this site and the people on it.

    There is a constant stream of new users on a site like this, so there will be the same types of questions appearing over and over again, and that might appear to the untrained eye that no progress is being made. But that's not the case.

    The biggest problem on this site frankly, are the long term users who steadfastly refuse to learn anything from the site. For example when people are obsessed with with a physical imperfection which is of minor importance to the opposite gender.