I got this girl a card and don't understand her reaction? need a girl's opinion!

so I got this girl a really nice cupcake card for her birthday and slipped it into her locker. she bbm'd me last night after she went to her locker last night before class and wrote me.

girl: hey! just checked my locker thanks so much for the birthday card! (happy face)

me: glad you liked it.. if you have time, maybe ill buy you a real cupcake when you get back from your vacation with your family:)

girl: hahahaha thanks! it was really sweet of u!

so in a nice way I kinda asked her to hang out and based on her response what do you think she is thinking?


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  • You need to be a little more proactive. She's giving you positive signs, you are hinting that maybe, just maybe, she might have time to receive gifts from you.

    When she gets back, flat out ask her out. Don't 'kinda' ask her out. Girls like guys who seem to know what they want, so decide on something and invite her.

    • believe me I have. I asked her to hang out and she said when she gets back to school we will plan something out and when I asked her 2 weeks ago she said she can't cause she was going back home for the holidays. I just don't know what I can do? have any ideas how to approach this?

    • Sure, ask her out when she gets back.

      However, I hope you can see that your 'relationship' with this girl has not exactly hit the level of deep monogamous commitment.

      Which is a fancy way of saying - ask her out when she gets back, but stop assuming its going to happen, and ask other girls out in the meantime.


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  • if this was a quick reply I think she may of been a bit confused.

  • Hmm, you need to pursure her more. I can't tell if she is interested in you or not yet.

  • well if it was me receiving the card with the exact same scenario, and I really liked the guy and wanted to go out with him, I would definitely take the opportunity you gave me and in response would say, " hey, that sounds great! lets go out sometime!"

    but I'm older, and its just my opinion.

    • well in previous bbm's she has said that but is always so busy with school and 2 internships. I just don't know if she likes me or not. As a girl wouldn't you say your not interested or you have a boyfriend so that you don't lead him on?

    • ok well if she has told you that she would like to go out previously but perhaps topo busy, then possbily she is interested in you, but like I said before if I was really into the guy I wouldn't want to forfeit my chancce of going out with you, no matte how busy I was, I would try and find the time.And yes if I was not interested in yo I would tell you I had a boyfriend or something along that line. I knnow how frustrating it can be, Ak her out ONE more time and see her response;.

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  • This girl is a master. She both rejected and accepted your offer in one sentence to be determined at a later date when she decides to take you up on (or decline) the offer.

  • She hasn't done or said enough to tell either way. Best thing I can tell you is to keep at it.