Girl didn't want to kiss. Does she mean she is into me?

I have been going out with this girl for a month, been on about 5 dates. Anyhow I have been taking it slowly because she told me I'm her first "date." Have been taking things slowly and haven't really tried much, we hold hands and all touchy when we go out, but that's about it. Anyway we went... Show More

we finally kissed, I didn't ask :) and actually laughed about the whole "can I kiss you" thing. We are officially boyfriend and girlfriend!

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  • Dude. She's shy. She said you were her first date. Why in the world would you think of hitting the road? If she's being touchy that is usually a good sign she's interesting. When she put her head on your chest you probably should've gone for the kiss. She'd probably be really embarrassed to say, "Yes, you can kiss me" Maybe she's never kissed before?

    • Yeah we finally kissed and yess she is a goooddddd kisser... I'm no longer single anymore!!!!

    • Congratz