Girl didn't want to kiss. Does she mean she is into me?

I have been going out with this girl for a month, been on about 5 dates.

Anyhow I have been taking it slowly because she told me I'm her first "date."

Have been taking things slowly and haven't really tried much, we hold hands and all touchy when we go out, but that's about it.

Anyway we went out today whilst we where in some private booth, I asked if I could kiss her.. ( I didn't know what to

She didn't say anything, but didn't make move towards my face, she just put her head on my chest, and that was it.

We went on as normal after that, touchy, holding hands and dropped her off to her house.

Btw At first I didn't really look at her.. just thought her as friend of a friend. But then she somehow got my number and started ringing me..

Does she mean she is into me? or I should hit the road...

girls tell wot do you think...

we finally kissed, I didn't ask :) and actually laughed about the whole "can I kiss you" thing. We are officially boyfriend and girlfriend!


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  • Dude. She's shy. She said you were her first date. Why in the world would you think of hitting the road? If she's being touchy that is usually a good sign she's interesting. When she put her head on your chest you probably should've gone for the kiss. She'd probably be really embarrassed to say, "Yes, you can kiss me" Maybe she's never kissed before?

    • Yeah we finally kissed and yess she is a goooddddd kisser... I'm no longer single anymore!!!!

    • Congratz

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  • Next time you're in a moment like that, don't ask, just go for it. It's cuter that way anyways. Maybe afterwards ask her if that was ok or if she liked it, but don't ask her whether or not she wants you to kiss her. If she's a shy inexperienced one, she's not going to give you a straight answer as you already know. :P

    But in answer to your question, I definitely think she's into you. Don't be afraid to move things a tiny bit quicker if you want. If it starts feeling like a little too much for her, I'm pretty positive she will let you know and you can act accordingly. Until you get a for sure "No, I don't want this" from her, I'd say all systems are go.

  • She's probably into you, but she's just shy. I mean if you truly are her "first date" then she's like many other girls and is to shy to make the first movement towards you face. Its better to just move in for the kiss instead of asking, it makes less time for any akward moments and more time for seriously cute ones.

  • Well she must just be shy, because other than that, it seems really obvious that she likes you.

    Since you're her first date, she's surely just not experienced, so she's probably just nervous and doesn't really know what to do.

    I figure that because I'm the same way lol, and that's the way I got around the guy I like. Even though I like him a lot, I avoided kissing him just because I was nervous. It just takes a lot of patience on your part; make sure she's comfortable around you and that she knows there's nothing to worry about.

    Then I'd say, just go for it. Make the move on your own. And also, I think asking for a kiss makes it really awkward (especially if the girl is shy), so just wait for the right moment and give it a shot. I'm almost certain you won't be rejected. :]

  • well, it depends on how much you like her. if you like her alot, stick with her, but if you don't then forget about her

    to me, it doesn't really seem worth it. five dates is a lot and I think its a little weird that she won't kiss you

  • AWWWWW that's so cute and I was just about to say shell give in sooner or later she's bound to because I can tell she likes you

    tell me how things work out

    my e-mail is

  • wow this sounds like me and my boyfriend like.. 4 months ago lol. I had been going out with him for like a month and he was my first boyfriend so I didn't really know how to kiss or anything because I was inexperienced.. anyways I seriously WAS into him so don't always think it's that. She's probably just nervous.

  • this dude under me is BRILLIANT! listen to that one right there. please.

    im a girl an I used to be that wayy...

  • i definitely think she's into you. don't hit the road.

    since she said that its her first "date" then your probably her first.

    when I had my first bf, in my head I really wanted to kiss him but when he wanted to kiss me I do the same thing as your girlfriend, kiss him but then stop and put my head on his chest.

    so yeah just stick with her. she my open up more.


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  • wow what a cute story i wish i could have experienced that

  • be spontaneous bro..

    go for it next time without asking.

    if she pulls away, somethings wrong! especially if she likes you..

  • she's into you. go for it. you're her first date anyway, so give her a break :D

  • YEAH MAN GOGOGO SHES INTO YOU! although she probably isn't if you support arsenal f.c.

  • Shes not ready. If she shy your gonna have to spend more time with her.