Accidentally sent a text to her?

It was something random like "how would she take it?" that I sent to her by accident and I explained to her it was for somebody else. She has like "haha I was confused but I get it now." Is this of any importance or do I act like nothing happened next time I see her?


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  • I've made that same mistake before D: just explain it was a mistake and it was meant for someone else and I'm sure she'll understand

    • haha that's kinda what I did. I was talking about her but she didn't know I was ;)

  • don't worry too much about it. things like that happen all the time.

  • to me it was plainly obvious you were talking about her then I read the coments ha ha then again I'm just too good ;)

    • obvious? I couldve been talking about any girl right?

    • true but was the first thought that poped into my head. you see the point of me saying this right?

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