What do I do if my boyfriend wants me to choose him or my friend?

okay me and my boyfriend had a fight today because he checked my phone and saw a text message from my friend saying are we still on for the movies its a date he completely freaked out on me assuming I was cheating and now he wants me to choose between my friend or him and my friend does like me but I didn't tell my boyfriend that :( should I tell him or do you think that would make things worse when I told him we were just going to the movie he just yelled saying then why did your friend say it was a date should I do about this he is so upset he doesn't want to talk to me right now :(


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  • Karen

    You're extreamly beautiful..just had to say that, but it also ties into what I want to say to you. The fact that you're boyfriend assumed that could mean he's not completly secure about you..maybe he feels like he has something to worry about...or he just worries that one day you'll find better then him and simply leave. Whatever it may be he has no right to make you let go of your friends because of it and you should let him know that. No one should ever make you pick..nor should you ever have to, and anyone who says different is compleltly wrong. In my opinion he's being childish about it..yelling and not giving you a single chance to explain a saying that's been used since the beggining of time. Stand up for yourself and let your boyfriend know that if he wants to be with you he needs to trust you and listen..instead of assuming and ranting. Oh and it would be better if you told him of the crush so he doesn't find out later. If you stay with him make sure your friend knows that nothing will happen with you...if you're boyfriend doesn't shapen up and your friend treats you better then him though...why is a beautiful woman like you letting someone hold you back?

    Best of luck to you and I hope everything works out well =)

    • awww thank you :) hehe! and yeah I don't understand him either sometimes he's a little bit over protective of me I just wish he could trust me enough to know that I would never cheat on him I've never once cheated on any of my boyfriends and he knows that so I don't know what his problem is


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  • Hanging out with a guy who you know for a fact likes you when you're in a relationship is a recipe for disaster. You will eventually be forced to choose between them regardless, one way or another, unless your friend gets over you.

  • Do everything you can to respect your boyfriends feelings and ease his worries. Let him know that you're hanging out with this friend, so he shouldn't suspect anything. He needs to trust you no matter what the friends might be thinking and try to do. In the end thought don't let him pick your friends. He has no right.

  • This is the same situation you asked about a week or so ago? To be honest, I'd be a bit pissed too. I guess you either cancel or you risk upsetting your boyfriend even more.


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