Guys; what would you say, do and feel if you got this text?

Well, the title says it all.. What would you say, do and feel if you got this text; "Good night, sweet dreams <3 Wish you where next to me!" from a girl you've been messing around with, but haven't seen in over a week?


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  • I'd say "you too" and insert a picture of myself holding a sign saying "good night" into the text message.


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  • I would feel honored, it would make my lonely nights without you not so lonely anymore, a spark of hope, a shooting star by night :)


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  • you're messing around, he's going to assume you want a booty call

    • A while ago he told me something like that we're almost boyfriend and girlfriend, so I don't know.. And if he assume that, it's true too.

  • For a minute I thought this was about a guy! Cause I would have said that I'd feel good and I'd want to go over and have s*x with him! But its about a girl so I'd feel grossed out cause I'm not a les! :3 No Offense!

    • Haha, well.. Of course this text is going to a guy, lol! I'm not a lesbian either :)

    • Ohhhhh ok! Hahaha total misunderstanding! :) Sorry about that!

    • Don't worry about it, misunderstandings can happen all the time :)