Got a girl's phone number but she's too far away?

I knew this girl from a camp. We were in a same group but didn't really know each other. So we had a 2 hours chat which she left me her phone number at the end and said to text her anytime. I'd like to text her but when? Also we're too far apart from each other (200miles apart). So should I text her or not? And what are the topics we can talk about?


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  • Haha- I worked at a camp over the summer and text a cohort a bunch. Though the distance is more like 2,000 miles...

    It started out as more campy topics and just gradually moved over into other interests/randomness we've kinda got in common.

    Random camp song lyrics that get stuck in my head tend to make it to my phone a lot. :P

    Some of the people I met at camp (guys and gals) are still some of my closest friends 3 years out now, even I though I live on the other side of the country most of the time. There's been the once/twice a year reunion.


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  • text her, make a friend.

    but know that nothing is going to happen because of the distance


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  • It's always nice to have a text buddy when you're bored.