Why hasn't he contacted me after we kissed?

This guy texted me on and off during the summer. we recently startd hanging, he took me to a move and last time we sat by the river under the stars and it went well and he gave me a goodnight kiss and after that he never texted me I texted telln him congrats on homecoming king and never replied. during the dance he kept lookin at me and dancing with all the girls around me he is like the school clown and iv never heard a bad thing about him


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  • well , I think he is just shy a bit , and about texting I think he didn't charge his cellphone with cellphone units it's very common in my country to run out of cellphone units :-|


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  • Maybe he is just scared of a commitment. It sounds like it has nothing to do with you at all. He was interested in you and liked you especially since he took the time to take you out. I think that you should ask him what happened. You deserve to know and chances are you will never know unless you go straight to the source.

    • i know he's not afraid of commiment uz his last relationship was almost a year

    • That doesn't meant that he isn't afraid now. He may not want things to turn out like the last relationship did. You never know how someone feels completely unless you're inside their head and can read their mind.