How to make out and be a good kisser?

im 18 and I've never had a boyfriend before so I still Haven't had my first kiss. I'm going out with my crush in a few days and I do want to kiss him. how can I be a good kisser and makeout good?

tips would be great lol


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  • I was out at a bar last night and this girl who was clearly pretty "crazy" (wh*rish) started makeing out with me. I am normally pretty cool with tongue and such but this girl was just shoving it down. I never understood tonsil hockey until last night. It would have been interesting but she just kept on and so my best advice is DONT do that.

    As far as advice the best thing I can say is to be slow sudden but deliberate in your actions. I recommend unlike advice down there that you kiss hold it for a second but then pull away just an inch or so from his face and then if you liked it go in again. I prefer the girl to kiss my bottom lip as I kiss her top but other guys might like other things. Also only tilt slightly . For a first kiss you don't need a big angle to makeout or anything. Keep your mouth pretty closed (at first) and just make it romantic. After a little while if you are still kissing putting your hands around him or on his head will let him know it is okay to do it to you too. Good luck


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  • The first girl I made out with was 5 years older then me. We made out a ton for like a week, I was staying with my sister in university res (I was 14).

    Her advice to me was to open my mouth wider, so I pass that along to you ;)

  • Just let it happen naturally. Don't try too hard. You'll be okay :D


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  • I guess, if you don't want tongue, don't open your mouth wide. I never liked tongue for a while, but I slowly tried it and now I don't mind a bit. I don't like the guys whole tongue right in my mouth and trying to tongue wrestle, that's still gross I think, but I find if you meet the tips and that's it, it's kinda nice.

    Keep your lips in contact for a couple seconds, don't just let them meet and pull back to start at it again, let them meet and stay there for a bit. If it's your first kiss, don't do anything crazy or it won't be a good experience. Use the KISS method, Keep It Simple Stupid (I'm not calling you stupid by the way, I still want to know how I can be a better kisser myself, it's just a thing my teachers told us to use when doing homework and I think it also applies here). Once you are kissing for a while, then you can try other techniques.

    Sometimes I find it boring or awkward always kissing his lips, so I might move down and start kissing his neck, and maybe a bite if I like him (but not all guys like being bitten, so don't do that to this crush of yours). Then I'll move back up to his lips and make out some more, with a bit of tongue (again, just the tips of tongue meeting, it's not so demanding but it's still the feeling of french kissing).

    I hope this is helpful, I'm not good at explaining things. I'm still learning how to be a better kisser, I know I asked some guys to help me be a better kisser. They said I'm good, but try keeping my lips in contact longer, or add a bit of tongue but not too much. That's the advice I've been given so far. I don't know if this is what you were looking for, but I thought I'd try anyways. Good luck :)

  • lol don't worry and don't think about it

    it'll happen when it does, don't plan it though. relax