Do girls expect a guy to call the day after a promising date?

Question sums it up...^^^

Whether the first date or the 5th do you girls expect contact (text or call) the day after the date? And if he doesn't contact you that next day, what goes through your head?

The reason I ask me it seems kind of clingy and possibly desperate.


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  • I TOTALLY AGREE. actually, I like it wen a guy waits like at least 2 days because I kNOOW he won't be a clingy freak. uh I mean vie just have too many instances with clingy guys, so I'm always hyperaware if they start to act desperate. most girls will probably want immediate contact thooo so about 2 days after is good:)


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  • yeah. but honestly, you shouldn't be calling because you think it's expected. you should be calling because you want to hear her voice

  • Yes. Either a text or call. If he didn't contact me within a day I'd think he wasn't into me. A light text or call isn't clingy. clingy is when a guy won't ever leavea girl alone.

    If he didn't contact me within a week of the date I probably would just say he isn't into me and forget it.


What Guys Said 1

  • Wait least 2-4 days if she really liked you she will still be there, if yall fell in love first date and it was mutual sure call her asap lmao. Or wait whole week and tell her you were out saving little orphan kids.