What is type of physical contact is expected on a first date?

What do you expect on a first date? Kiss, sex, holding hands, hugs..? I'm new to this dating scene, and I don't know how much physical contact is expected and normal on a first date?


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  • You know what? Whatever feels comfortable to you sweetie, and nothing more. Personally, I never give away too much on the first dates. I always play hard to get. Usually, it goes something like this:

    1st date: hug goodbye + maybe kiss on the cheek

    2nd date: long tight hug + kiss on the cheek

    3rd date: kiss (usually french kiss because I've made the guy wait for long), free-for-all as far as touching goes (excluding private parts though)

    As far as hand holding goes, my current boyfriend did so on our first date, probably in the middle of it all. My ex first held my hand only after we shared our first kiss, so maybe 3-4 dates into our relationship. I never initiate the first hand holding. I prefer letting the guy make the move himself because it gives me a good feedback on how our relationship is evolving (to me, holding hands is far more intimate than a quick goodbye hug).

    Sex? NEVER ON THE FIRST DATE, unless you're looking for a fling. My boyfriend and I haven't even had sex yet. We're guetting really close to it every time we cuddle and we've been together for two months already. I guess it'll probably happen within the next month or so.

    If you're ready for more touching, let yourself go. If not, it's okay too. My unspoken rule with all the guys I date is that they can only make a move if I happen to make one beforehand. I have to flash them the green light, so to speak, before I let them make more physical contact. If I don't and a guy touches me too much, it'll turn me off and I am more likely to turn him down.


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  • Breaking her personal space a bit by stroking her hair or something like that. If we really hit it off a kiss is on the table.

  • Yes



    and Yes

    in that order.

    Seriously there is no standard. I would have loved sex on the first date.

    For one girlfriend, it was none of the above.

    For one girlfriend it was kissing and dinner.

    Not many ex boyfriends liked kissing but the one who did... oh wow!

    And that was in the shower too

    Anyhow as I said, there's no standard. No real rules.

    Just do what you feel is comfortable.

  • Maybe a kiss at the end of the date.

    If the guy is a charmer he'll probably want sex- but don't do that

  • You'd at least need a bit of hand holding if at least so you're both sure it absolutely is a date and not just friendly hanging out.

  • Hugs are fine. I don't know about sex on a first, I'd warn against. If there's good chemistry, you guys could hold hands as you walk home.


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  • Hold hands then a kiss only if she gives you an OK sign. Respect her space and hesitation, if you don't get any of these, does't necessarily means she does't like you or no 2nd date in the future.

  • Hold hands/hug/kiss. Sex is too soon. lol

  • I have made out on the first date before and wished I didn't. I just wished I would have saved it for later.. I think Short kisses, hugs and holding hands are fine for a first date. :)

  • kiss hold hands hug