Do guys say we should hang out just to be nice?

OK so one day I randomly meet this guy and we just had nice random chat and then he asked for my number, I gave it to him then went on my way. Less than 5 min later he texted me with his number and said we should hang out when I'm back ( I was going back to my hometown for couple of weeks) I texted him wen I was back and said let me know when your keen to hang and he said for sure. One day I thought why not text him so I asked if he was doing anything on Saturday night ( this was on a Thursday) he


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  • Update: didn't text back and haven't heard anything from him... did he just want my number to see if he could get it or was he being polite or what lol!

    Repeat question by the way


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  • Wow, cliffhanger

    Maybe after a few weeks he was already seeing someone or was no longer interested for another reason