Do you really think he wasn't going to text me back?

So me and my boyfriend had a small petty argument ...He has anger issues. Well the next day I apologize and he said it was cool but then I was like why don't you ever say your sorry because he never does..He thinks he is always right. Well that made him even more mad and he quit talking to me for like 2 days but then I finally caved and text him. A couple of days ago I asked him if he was ever going to text me back and he said I don't know probably not then I said what? He then started getting mad and was like I don't know why you got to bring up isn't ..The same day he told me he loves me so much and we have been together for 1 1/2 years. Do you really think he wasn't going to text me back?


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  • How did you stay with him for so long ? The thing about being angry though is when you calm down you start feeling bad/ guilty for your behavior . Stop talking to him for a while and see where his priorities really lie.

  • He will Probably text you back,dont text him now,let him calm down, maybe today or tomorrow when he is back to his normal and is calm he will talk to you.