Guys, what would yu do or say?

Ok guys so I need help on figuring this out. So I went on a date with this one guy nd like we hit it off back he tried to kiss me but I said "dnt kiss me" and he asked why so I told him if we hang out again ill tell yu. So after that day he stoped talking to me then one day I had the courage to ask him if he was mad Because I wouldn't kiss him and he said no. Then I told him well I can give yu my reason if you want to know. He said OK so I told my reason (I cnt say it on here so just think unwanted touching) nd then he askd me all these questions nd I answered him and the next day he texted me sayin "hey cutie" and I was glad he understood but then after that he wouldn't text me so I texted him one day saying hey but he never answered. And from then on he's never tlkd to me or even acknowledge I'm near him . So please guys tell me why he did that? Like I can understand if he didn't want to deal with that but he could hav been straight forward then just leave me hanging, right? by the way I'm srry if yu dnt understand this.


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  • yep. I agree with the anonymous girl, for not kissing him, he dropped you from his sights and any relationship he thaught he had. so basically, the guys a tool.

    • Ha great and I still like him, darn. Well thank yu for yur help(:

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  • You would think he'd be straightforward but guys often aren't about things like this. Especially since he's young, not mature and communicative. Take the fact that he's ignoring you as his way of "politely" dropping you.