Help with Texting and Dating Edicate

I'm 30 y/o and fresh out of a 6.5 year relationship so new to dating. I met this girl this weekend and I notice she likes to text. Is their texting edicate that you guys can help me with? Should I text her for a while before calling and when should I actually call her on the phone? She texted me about getting together this weekend. Any help is great :D


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  • Call her before this weekend and organise what you two are going to do when you meet up..hearing your voice and tone will reassure her that your interested rather than texting plans through.

    Also what do you mean by text edicate? What are you wanting to know?

    • Like are their norms or do things happen a typical way when it comes to texting? Basically she likes to text me but I'm not sure if I should call. I still live with my ex so I like being able to text so my ex can't hear what I'm saying.

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    • I'd love to try and help. You can always instant message me

    • Its not letting me IM you. What's your question?


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  • Less risk in a text(emotional investment and maybe bothering someone when busy), but if you called, I am sure she would just be that much more secure in knowing that you are sincere and interested. Unless by some chance she is just nervous and speaks better through texts. If you want to meet you are going to have to talk eventually...:)


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  • well girls really hate it when you take to long to answer txts. And just use smiley faces and crap like that if you wanna show your flirty. And she will probably say call me some time if she really wants you to call but most girls like getting phone calls. Since you two just met maybe w8 til you guys hang out again before you call. Other then that you should b good