Have you ever text someone on a dating site?

I was talking to this guy and I stopped because a family emergency and he messaged me his number and said it may be easier to talk that way. But I am skeptical giving someone my number because I have never done it before let alone met someone on line. He also message me a few hours after giving me his number, probably thinking I did not want to text him.


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  • If you like him, then text him. how long have you guys been talking on the Internet for?

    • We have been talking for almost two weeks. And I do kinda like him. I mean we have a lot of the same interests and he seems like a nice guy but how much can you really get from someone though a message you know.

    • Yeah, I agree not much from just messaging each other. You should text him and after couple of days ask him to call you.

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  • I down loaded bbm. It is great for on line dating. You only exchange by pin.. If you decide the guy is creepy or they are jerks... delete them and the entire conversation plus the guy are gone.