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He is very sweet with me but he never asks me out on a date?

Why would a man call you every night, say sweet and endearing things to you all the time like I wish I could clone you, or I know if me and your were... Show More

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  • That's the problem with becoming friends before because it's tough to know when it's safe to ask you out. What if you drop the "i don't think it's gonna work between us." Ouch.. crushing.Try your best to let him know it's safe for him to ask you out. You can ask us out too you know... Ask him out to dinner, movie etc...Maybe... he's gay?!

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  • Questions...does he call you on a cell phone or home phone all or most of the time?Have you ever been to where he lives?? Sounds to me like he may be committed or living with someone else possibly and wants some dessert on the side maybe.Don't instantly fall for or trust a man if you have never been to where they live or if he has a cell and home phone but you only hear from him or call him on his cell. A lot of these men can hide things these days with the new invention of cell phones, if that is the case.Also, maybe you might want to try 'asking him out' for coffee or treat him to a movie or something like that and see how he responds.

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