Do these dating books really work?

All I see is buy this book for real tips and help I just want to know if anybody got any of these love guru books and if its even worth money when I can Google advice for free?


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  • $$$ + social status = p*ssy

    never come off as more interested than her.

    make her earn your attention

    recognize and cutt off contact with attention whores ; ie she's dodgy about hanging out and does not offer another time.

    do not commit

    acquire as many females as you can

    *i fully expect this advice to be ignored


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  • I haven't bot any but I'm tempted. I feel the same as you do. Why pay for something you can get for free.

  • i have found them helpful, I think most are written for a girl to learn, but there are definitely ones written for guys or are guy compatible. I think they make you think of things in a different light and really do help you understand possible people you might be dating, more...i think they give you just a bit of a leg up on your date because you know how to analyze stuff in a more "intelligent" way. hope that helped!


What Guys Said 1

  • It's certainly easier to have a nice little collection of advice on your desk/table than go slogging through the mess of answers on Yahoo and etc for whatever pops up. :)