Did he just say that because he didn't like me?

So there was this guy I went on two dates with a while ago. Before we started talking, he had been in a series of bad and okay relationships. It seemed like he really liked me and I liked him too. But the second date he said he didn't think that we should do anything more, and that he really felt like he needed to be single for a year. It's been about 10 months, and he hasn't gone on any dates that I know of, and he isn't involved with anybody, and he and I flirt like all the time.

So did he really mean he just wanted to be single for a year, or was it just his way of softening the "i don't like you THAT much" blow?


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  • Well. He could feel hesitant about wanting to be with someone in that way again because of past issues. So, while he may like you, he doesn't want to get that close.

    Also, you could not be enough for him, enough to want to get to have that again. It could be either.

    You shouldn't feel too down about it though. :)


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  • It was probably a line to soften the blow. If he were really interested in you, he would be excited about the possibility of a relationship with you, even if he hadn't quite made it to his arbitrary "one-year" goal.


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  • Im kinda at the point he is right now so I know what he's saying..

    it's mch better to not get into a relationship if you don't feel ready for one. I don't want to be in one for awhile... just because I know it wouldn't be as good as I would want one ot be so I'm going to wait till I'm ready, even if it means I have to say no to someone I really like.