Why would a girl deny a kiss?

I hung out with this girl I recently met at a party. We went to her friends house and we drank a bit and hung out. There were about 10 people there (so it wasn't just me and her). Later in the night people started to leave and we sat on the couch together. We were having a good conversation and I put my arm around her and she was cool with it. I then asked her politely if she wanted to come over to my place and spend the night. She said no because she had school in the morning (I wasn't mad or anything, I just said OK). When we left together she gave me a hug (not just brief, it was a good hug) and then I tried to kiss her and she just said no. What I am wondering is; why would she deny a kiss? Its pretty clear that she likes me and she didn't give anyone else a hug good bye.


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  • well I did this to the guy I went to prom with as friends. We drank, he tried to make a move multiple times, I, in lack of a softer tone, rejected him each time. I liked him, but only as friends. I only hugged him too at the end of the night. Honestly, it may be she just thinks of you as a friend at this point, and only went along with your actions because of the alcohol. Or that's what happened with me. Sure I went along with things, but once he tried to make a real move on me, I was kind of like "oh.. wait.. I only like you as a friend why would I kiss you" Perhaps I'm completely wrong in your situation, but there's some insight :)

    • yeah you are actually completely right.. a few minutes ago I texted her and she just came out and told me what I needed to hear. She just wants to be friends. Once again nice guys finish last..

    • sorry about that :/ I mean at least you guys can be friends and it may turn into something more later on! I rejected the guy because I also didn't want to be just another girl he would hook up with, but then I found out that he actually did like me. Then he thought it was awkward (I didn't at all, I still wanted to be friends), and then we both moved away to different places and now he doesn't talk to me anymore. and I realized I like him.SO. Just know that at least for you there's a future :)


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  • It may not have been right for her...maybe she didn't want to give out her lips :) and besides you're a ManBearPig way too serial

  • I think she just likes you as a friend.


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